Meet Nessa


My love for photography started with a Polaroid camera in 2nd grade. Growing up, my parents would get frustrated with me when I would use all of the film in a single day. I quickly realized what my favorite subjects were: people. There is something very special about capturing a moment in time with a friend or family member and making it timeless. As I grew, so did my hobby, growing into what would become a lifelong passion. I eventually graduated to standard film and then to my first digital camera in college. As I have started and grown my own family, I cherish even more those moments that have been captured forever through the eyes of my camera.

Today, I work with families to help them create their own lasting memories with photography, capturing intimate, candid, fun, personal, and unforgettable moments with their loved ones.

I treat every shoot with the same care and attention to detail that I treat my own family photographs. I’ve found that families are most comfortable outdoors where they aren’t confined to a small space, so that is where I prefer to do most of my work. My goal is to be present when your family is interacting and capture those precious moments so they can be as vivid as the memories will become. Each family is different and unique. Your photos should be too.

I cannot wait to hear from you!!